In today’s competitive hospitality market, having the most up to date facility and the best value often determines who earns the guest’s business. PSi is your partner in renovations. As one of the largest providers of construction and facilities services to the hospitality industry, we are committed to the quality of each project and the appeal to your guests of each finished product. You cast the vision….and PSi will bring it to life.


Café or Cafeteria, Diner or 5-star eating experience, dining guests want to feel comfortable and welcome. With experience in the restaurant industry, PSi understands the multifaceted needs of the restaurant owner(s). From the wall color to the pattern of the floor covering, to the choice of fixtures in the restrooms, our 50 years combined experience will ensure that your facility is warm, modern, and welcoming to every dining guest.


Healthcare is an ever changing, ever expanding field. Facilities are becoming more comprehensive in their scope of care and ability to address many different healthcare concerns…all in one location. State-of-the-art facilities provide the physicians with the tools to administer care. PSi’s healthcare division is committed to meeting the need for precise and specific construction and facility maintenance services.

Multi Family

Whether clients manage 6 units or 600, cost effective solutions are the key to success and profitability. PSi’s team of consultants will work closely with you to determine the best solutions in your multi family remodel or renovation. Choosing the right roofing system, applying the best parking lot coating for extended life, or simply the wall fixtures inside each space can make the project efficient. Let PSi help your next multi family remodel or renovation make sense….and cents.